Human-Dog petitation bonds

Research has found that humans and dog are linked so deep at a level that there is a noun called petitation that has found way into the world of mindfulness. Connecting at a deeper level with your dog through a sacred gaze, produces oxytocin – the happiness and well being hormone. Much don’t we realize how much the creature lying on our lap and getting stroked is helping us transform at a hormonal level. This is indeed amazing and am in love with my pet at a whole new level now

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Why Motivational Interviewing is useful in therapy?

From what I understand, the baseline is that the client is more important in this therapeutic partnership. Putting the client in the driver’s seat helps them know they are not effectively TOLD what to do or how to solve their… (READ MORE)

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and my understanding of it

The premise of cognitive-behavior therapy(CBT) includes the reorganization of an individuals own statements and beliefs to develop a synchronization with his or her behavior.  A relationship exists between thoughts (or cognitions), emotions, and behaviors that create cause and effect in… (READ MORE)

Mental Health, mindfulness

Participant Perspectives on Mindfulness Meditation Training for Anxiety in Schizophrenia

Mindfulness meditation training has been found to be helpful across a range of mental and physical health conditions. Research testing mindfulness-based interventions in the psychiatric rehabilitation context has been rare, however—possibly due to concerns about the potential for exacerbation of… (READ MORE)

Mental Health, mindfulness

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