Person-Centered Theory

We know there is this medical model of psychiatry that comes with diagnoses and labels that hurt the client’s experience with an authority of the diagnostician. To help move away from the painful labels of the client, one can rely on what is called the person-centered theory or client-based theory.

Person-based theory is that which places focus on the client as the expert in the therapeutic relationship between the psychologist/social worker and the client. Therapy takes place due to the empathy from the psychologist/social worker for the client’s experiences.

Mental illness according to this theory is nothing but an incongruence between the self-concept and the outer reality. Self-concept is that which the client has developed through years of development since childhood about their inner reality. Experiences that do not get embedded in the inner reality/self-concept during the psychotic experience, creates the distancing from the outer reality. This is what we mean by incongruence between inner and outer reality.

Person-centered theorist like Margaret Warner and Lisbeth Sommerbeck are my inspiration for embracing the reality of insurance companies dictating the diagnostic models to speak their language while following therapeutic interventions based on person-centered theory, cheering on for the unconditional positive regard towards the life of their clients!

Happy ownership of your own destinies and a great weekend!



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