Why Motivational Interviewing is useful in therapy?

From what I understand, the baseline is that the client is more important in this therapeutic partnership.

Putting the client in the driver’s seat helps them know they are not effectively TOLD what to do or how to solve their problem. Focusing on their strengths and their perspectives to make a change in themselves seems really motivating, to my understanding. There is more room for collaboration, in effect, avoiding that “I’m the expert and NOT You” sort of thinking by the therapist/counselor. There is more compassion involved with the client’s best interests in mind, given the best motivational thoughts and ideas of the client are evoked rather than, again, TELLING the client this is what you should do.

There seems to be a lot of positivity and hope instilling that can happen by employing the even basic counseling skills, just a different perspective. This way the client seems to come out feeling comfortable, well understood and even be a bit moreĀ hopeful of the whole process of change.

I honestly dont know how else a therapist or counselor would approach their clients. This is just my humble opinion about how counseling progresses using motivational interviewing techniques.

Have a great day ahead knowing there are good therapeutic practices out there available and that we just have to choose folks who are willing to help the clients with their best interests in mind!




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