Eclipse your negativity

I’d like to work on something today that makes more sense with the Solar Eclipse in Oregon.

One thing that came to my mind was how to focus on the good while not on the negativity, sort of eclipsing one’s negativity. What can we do about it?

Here’s a few:

  • Focus inward to introspect and gather the good aspects within oneself
  • Look around and find your special ones like kids, siblings, and family in all to hone in on their goodness too, to sort of find a shoulder to lie on during tough times.
  • Creek into the workplace a bit and I bet you’d find atleast some good camaraderie. Just close in on those relationships to make work fun everyday.
  • Look out for your pets to make life special, if you have some.
  • Go around for a walk or a jog outside and find some flowers and smell them. If they are those fragrant ones, lucky you for finding them!

I like doing these everyday in bits and pieces and everyday sort of surprises me beautifully and ending up enlightening me of the goodness in life, that we miss out everyday ramming through it mindlessly. Circles back to our mindfulness aspect we so drill on here in these blog posts.

Hope you find new ways to enjoy every day and find atleast some good in life as we go through it together here!

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