Keep Mental Health as a priority – Oregon friendly post!

Mental health is a vital component of well-being and should be actively promoted.

Portlanders appreciate the role that mental health plays in creating an overall sense of well-being for individuals as well as the community at large. Portland is commonly seen as a city that supports the mental health of the general population, yet many feel that services are lacking for individuals with specific mental health challenges. Portlanders point to the high number of homeless people with obvious mental health issues as evidence that much more can be done to address the community’s mental health needs.

The vast majority of comments in this section involved the connection between homelessness and mental health issues, with many respondents voicing their deep concern over the number of people experiencing mental health challenges who are also experiencing homelessness. Portlanders would like every person to be able to access needed mental health services, regardless of income or insurance status. Portlanders also want to see a police force that is better equipped to deal appropriately with those experiencing mental illness or unstable mental states.

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