Mindfulness for social workers 

Self-care is an essential component to the profession of social work. Introducing mindfulness practices is one way to promote self-care among social workers and social work students. Mindfulness is training your mind to enhance your well-being. 

Getting to calm oneself while in the midst of addressing the angst of several, is sort of obvious self care. However having the mindfulness tool in ones hands gets the reality kick in faster that self care is much more doable in a deep sense. What am getting at is, the real definition of mindfulness that we’ve dealt with so far shows that it can provide a very good healing process during times of distress. Yes social work is a very demanding field like engineering or medical fields. People go through stressful times and often times causing them to burnout! This can be well avoided with tools like mindfulness practiced and honed in the tool kit of self care…

Applying mindfulness will be my discussion topic here going forward. Watch out this space for more…



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