#Mindfulness #Meditation…well, how do we actually do it?

Mindfulness Meditation: This is what works for me…

I choose a calm place …and with open or closed eyes…(not all calm places I choose need to be safe..just saying 😉)  I think of the best things in life I’m happy for….of course mind wavers… so whenever that happens , non- judgmentally placing the thought on one of the many imaginary leaves floating in a calm creek , I bring back my consciousness to the happy thoughts. Doing this for 10mins everyday with just gentle breaths keeps me calm. I can do this walking sitting or standing or during any “brainless” activity…

This is my humble quick n easy meditation/mindfulness tip for the meditation noobs out there. Hope it helps! Take care and feel the happy thoughts filling you!!😇 

P.s: today I did this while cooking hence a relevant pic in that context

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