Mindfulness, Self-acceptance & Self-esteem


Mindfulness is a way of living your life so that we are in the present moment more often, with awareness, and with acceptance. Acceptance in this context doesn’t mean that we approve of our experience, but that we simply acknowledge our present experience without judging it.

This is where the skills of mindfulness and acceptance come in: first, through mindfulness, we increase your awareness of these judgmental thoughts and the resulting emotions. Then we work on bringing acceptance to our experience — accepting the thoughts as just thoughts; accepting the emotions they trigger; and gradually, accepting ourselves as we are.

Mindfulness skills can offer a means to cultivate unconditional self-acceptance and to shift from an emphasis on self-esteem as a measure of worth. Positive correlations were found between mindfulness, self-esteem, and unconditional self-acceptance in the study done as part of the following article.

Thompson,Brian L.,  Waltz,  Jennifer A., “Mindfulness, Self-Esteem, and Unconditional Self-Acceptance”, Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, 2008, Volume 26, Number 2, Page 119 

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