Radical acceptance

It is hard to accept many things that happen – the way a loved one died, the way your parents acted, or the way others have treated you. The mind does not want to allow painful thoughts into consciousness, so it avoids these thoughts. When avoidance of painful thoughts becomes habitual, this behavior turns into denial. Denial keeps from consciousness the awareness of pain in oneself or others. The irony is that denial does not decrease pain, it actually perpetuates pain. Until the pain is appropriately dealt with, it will turn into suffering.

Acknowledging the truth as it is not what you want it to be. Sometimes it is recognizing what is without judgment or opinion. Radical acceptance strives to be total and complete including mind, heart, body, and soul. Acceptance is the first step toward making a change for the better. 
Credits: http://www.dbtselfhelp.com/html/radical_acceptance1.html

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