Not Only Shouting: Different Types of Emotional Child Abuse

April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention month. At The Invisible Scar, we are focusing on exploring the definition of emotional child abuse, such as the various types, how to help emotionally …

Source: Not Only Shouting: Different Types of Emotional Child Abuse


  1. my one life. today

    “Invisible scars” is a very fitting term. It’s so hard to overlook because of that. Even for the person concerned… Because it can’t be that bad if we don’t have scratches and broken bones, can it?

    1. words2708 (Post author)

      Exactly…emotional abuse is as bad and pretty worse than physical abuse in some senses.

  2. my one life. today

    “So easy to overlook”, I meant, of course. You understood anyhow. Yes, just as bad as physical abuse.

  3. MoniqueM

    I think emotional abuse is much more insidious than physical abuse, because it can just look like “that’s how they were raised,” or “they’re hard on everybody like that,” or “they are tough and disciplining.” I remember all kinds of excuses that people made for their neighbors, their friends, and their siblings. We just aren’t always aware that emotional abuse is a thing. It’s a thing as real as physical abuse. However, physical abuse is such an obvious place to put a complaint. Emotional abuse is far more a psychological pattern that can be difficult to break. I’m not saying this because I’m some expert on it. I’m not. I’m simply trying to make sense out of my own emotional abuse – by the words of another, another I didn’t choose and is not related to me but had a firm hand in my upbringing all the same – that I just recently recognized as such. I’m in therapy realizing what happened to me. And while I’m relieved to put it into words, there is still so much guilt and pain at putting this person at fault. It’s really hard. For me, it’s really hard. Thank you for having this blog.


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