Dancing and Mindfulness

Dancing Mindfulness

Like mindfulness, dance has been revered to be an intrinsically healing art across various cultures, across several ages. Dance serves as an amazing communication medium and hence promotes  a sense of community.Before FB groups, people gathered together and communal dancing to know about each other. Dance is a coping skill for stress relief.

Dance is a practice that native communities use for total healing following a traumatic experience, in lieu of talking.

Dancing mindfulness offers 7 core elements with which you can practice:

Breath: Checking in with your breathe is very essential in dancing mindfulness and mindful attunement to the breathe gives you excellent information about your relationship to the practice and its depth at any given moment.

Sound: Sound can refer to the music that guides your practice and also the sounds of your heart, heartbeat, clapping and chanting during the dance.

Body: The container of our physical experience. Honoring the body and the information given about emotional content is vital to mindful awareness, especially in a process so physically engaging as dance.

Mind: When stress or negativity grips, the mind is holding onto undigested info. Unwarranted negative beliefs and thoughts, ingrained in the mind, fuel the fire of stressors. However just as the mind can hold onto negativity, so too can our attitudes be transformed to focus on the positive.

Spirit: Some people access the spiritual world through religion, some through the cosmic flow of universe; Still others forge a relationship with their higher power!

Story: Stories can be the lived experience of the mindful dancer, or a character who emerges during the dance. In this dancing mindfulness practice, genuine must guide the mindfulness of your story, and the story must be told in an atmosphere of non-judgement.

Fusion: The coming together of all these elements – the vital integration of rest, wholeness and renewal. During a period of rest and reflection , at the end of the practice, the experience crystallizes into transformative insight.

There are various ways to incorporate each element into the dance flow. In personal practice it may happen organically, and in a class setting, it maybe guided by a facilitator [Marich, 2016].

Jamie Marich, 2016 “Dancing Mindfulness: A Creative Path to Healing & Transformation”, Skylight Paths Publishing, Woodstock, VT


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