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Psychological abuse of a child can have long-lasting negative psychiatric effects. Learn about the types and symptoms of psychological abuse.

Source: What is Psychological Abuse of a Child? – HealthyPlace

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  1. Hi words2708. The topics u raise r crucial to address in order to ensure a better life for future generations.
    Thanks for following my blog
    Please advise me on what topics u would like me to cover
    Im willing to consider anything its just that some may require more extensive research than others
    I try to speak out of my personal experience or gained knowledge
    That usually keeps me from going in over my head
    Substance abuse can be linked to child abuse
    Gregory boyd helped me understand the mindset of abusers when he said inside every child is a monster and vice versa
    This approach enables us to be compassionate for those we deservedly hide from society for our protection n their potential reformation

    1. Thanks minusthecynic for the kind words! It be helpful if you can touch on your experience with abuse of any kind or a person who you knew went through it. That would bring a new light to this topic discussed. How they coped, what helped them forgive their abuser and move on and such. Appreciate your help very much!

      1. Thanks for your advice srivi. Will get on it. Give me a few days. Some types of abuse are harder to identify than others. Eg is brainwashing a person to change their self perception abusive or helping them unlock the door to freedom. ? 😁

          1. Your topic is fairly expansive in potential. I could riff off it for a lifetime but I think I need to concentrate my mind in other areas. Any other suggestions. ?

          2. Ok. Thatll b the next one. Thanks. Please forgive the lateness of my reply. That topic has been increasingly on my brain in our war n terror torn world

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